The Horse of Belgravia

Get out in Begravia a sunny day and watch the palaces in the sun. In the back streets you find the beautiful and pitoresque mews with small houses, once upon a time for the servants and horses.

Some of the Londons pubs seem today have an odd location. You find the the Horse & Groom in a back street, hidden away from the main roads in the area. Suddenly the pub pops up and welcome you for refreshments, at 7 Grooms Place.

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Unfortnunately the streets of Belgravia are a little bit empty and it feels like the area is a little bit dead. I suppose flats and houses here are investments as much as places to live in. But anyway it is a wonderful and very walking friendly area.

Check out the Belgravia High &Low Walk in the Walkster London app for walking in this area.

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