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Fulham Palace & Football Walk

From Earl´s Court in Chelsea to Hammersmith. A palace in the sun and two football stadiums in Fulham. Welcome to the west.

Time~ 4 hours
StartsEarl’s Court Station
EndsHammersmith Station
HighlightsBrompton Cemetery, Fulham Palace, Craven Cottage, Crabtree pub

1. Earl’s Court Station

Take the tube to Earl´s Court (opened in 1869). We start the Fulham walk in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Walk down the Earl´s Court Road.

2. Brompton Cemetery

The cemetery opened in 1840 and is one of the seven large cemeteries founded by private companies in the middle of the 19th century. Brompton Cemetery consists of 16 hectares and is a neighbour to Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea FC.

3. Stamford Bridge

You have now entered the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Stamford Bridge opened in 1877 as the home for London Athletic Club, the oldest independent track and field club in the world. In 1905 the owner offered Fulham Football Club to play there, but the club turned the offer down. The owner instead started the Chelsea Football Club the same year.

4. Putney Bridge

The first bridge, a toll bridge was opened in 1729. The bridge has since 1845 been the starting point for the Boat Race, the rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The race finishes at Mortlake, just before Chiswick bridge. Putney Bridge has churches at both ends, and the All Saints Church on the Fulham side was featured in the horror movie the Omen.

5. Fulham Palace

The Fulham Palace has been the residence of the bishops of London since 700 AD until about 1975. It was the first garden in Europe to grow a Magnolia. Inside the palace is a café with beautiful views of the lawn in front. On your way to the palace, you will pass the Walled Garden.

6. Craven Cottage

A couple of streets away from Fulham Palace you find Craven Cottage the home of Fulham Football Club, founded in 1879. The stadium was built in 1896 and had a distinct design with its old brick doorways where you enter the ground. As it is situated on the Thames river walk, it is easy to access on foot.

7. The Crabtree

Most Fulham supporters like to go to the local pub the Crabtree few streets down the river. Here you find a big garden overlooking the river. The pub and garden get very busy in summertime as well as on game days.

8. Hammersmith Station

Stroll down along the Thames on the river path towards Hammersmith, from here you can catch the tube home. The tube is served both by District and Piccadilly lines. Hammersmith Palais