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The Spitalfields & Whitechapel Walk

Curry for lunch, vintage shopping and at Whitechapel Gallery. Old memory lanes are meeting the skyrockets.

Time~ 3 hours
StartsAldgate Tube Station
EndsWhitechapel Station
HighlightsThe Gherkin, Brick Lane, Spitalfields market, Whitechapel Gallery

1. Aldgate Tube Station

Catch the tube to the Aldgate tube station (opened in 1876). The station is named after one of the City of London´s seven gates, all of the gates were demolished and taken down during the 18th century. Step out in the East and the district Whitechapel, the Borough Tower Hamlets.

2. The Gherkin

Not far from the station, you find 30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin). A 180-meter (591 Feet) tall landmark in the City of London that opened in 2004.

3. Woodins Shades

There are plenty of pubs around the area. Woodins Shades is is a nice pub, situated in Bishopsgate not far from the Gherkin. Bishopsgate is named after one of the City of London’s seven gates.

4. Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market has been a market for more than 350 years. The market has open every day and there are clothes, food and a lot more. It can be different themes on different days.

5. Brick Lane

Inhale the atmosphere of trends at Brick Lane. Explore the vintage shopping, designers, art studios and curry houses.

6. Rough Trade

Music & Music, Gigs & Books. When you see the sign for the Truman Black Eagle Brewery overhead across Brick Lane enter the passage taking you to the Rough Trade store.

The Whitechapel Gallery features various artists that change over time and has an up-to-date and futuristic feel to it. The dining room and café in the gallery serves up a good selection of cakes and tea as well as a lunch menu.

8. Needoo Grill

You can choose from several good restaurants in the district. On New Road, you find the Needoo grill and nearby you have Tayyabs in Fieldgate Street. Both restaurants are famous for their food and are rated high in London. The easiest way home will probably be to go to Whitechapel station.

9. Whitechapel Station

Whitechapel station (opened in 1876) is both an overground and underground station. It lies on the District and Hammersmith & City underground lines.