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The Richmond Country Walk

Take a walk in the Greenest Borough of London, Richmond upon Thames. Parks, Water and Views. Going up the Country.

Time~ 3 hours
StartsRichmond Station
EndsRichmond Station
HighlightsTerrace Gardens, Richmond Park, Petersham Nurseries, Ham House

1. Richmond Station

Take the tube to Richmond Station (opened in 1846). On the way to Richmond, you pass Kew and Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens. Richmond upon Thames is the second most affluent borough in England after Chelsea & Kensington.

2. Terrace Gardens

When you walk up to Richmond Hill you will find the park Terrace Gardens on your right side. In the park you find the Hollyhock café, serving refreshments and light dishes

3. Richmond Hill

This view is protected by an Act of Parliament, the Richmond, Ham and Petersham Open Spaces Act passed in 1902. The act protects and preserves the views from Richmond Hill. Follow the footpath down through Terrace Field to continue to Petersham.

4. Petersham Nurseries

We pass the meadows and reach Petersham Nurseries. This is a world of gardening direct from magazines or vice versa. Here you also find the poshest garden café ever – Michelin-starred. On the way to the Petersham Gate at Richmond Park, you pass the St Peter´s Church cemetery.

5. Richmond Park

Richmond Park was created by King Charles I in the 17th century as a deer park and is the largest of London´s Royal Parks. You can enter the park at the Petersham gate. There is a lot of green space, wild deer and exciting buildings in the garden, like the White Lodge.

6. Ham Polo Club

The Ham Polo Club is the only London polo club still active, it was established in 1926. Matches are held throughout the summer on Sundays, starting at around 1 PM.

7. Ham House

This 17th-century Ham House is situated on the banks of the River Thames. The house has a large collection of paintings and a rich history. A wonderful garden surrounds the house and you can also find a café that serves light lunches and coffee and teas. From Ham House back to Richmond, it is about a half-hour walk along the river.

8. The White Swan

The White Swan is nicely situated in a narrow street not far from the river. It´s a good place for refreshments. Not far from the pub, In the western corner of the park Richmond Green you find the place where Richmond Palace was built by Henry VII in the 16th century.

9. Richmond Station

Go back from Richmond Station. It is well worth time taking a stroll in central Richmond before you go home.