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The South Bank & Temple Walk

Start at St. Paul’s in the City of London and cross the Millenium Bridge to the South Bank of the Thames. River life, Gardens and the Temple.

Time~ 3 hours
StartsSt. Paul’s Tube Station
EndsTemple Tube Station
HighlightsMillennium Bridge, South Bank Bookstands, Somerset House, Temple Area

1. St. Paul’s

Take the tube to St. Paul´s tube station (opened in 1900) and choose the exit to St. Paul’s Cathedral. This station was opened with the name Post Office (renamed 1937). The name St. Paul´s was at that time occupied by the station today called Blackfriars.

2. Millennium Bridge

The Millenium Bridge is a futuristic piece of architecture with a stunning view over the Thames. Straight ahead the brown chimney of The Tate Modern Gallery appears. The restaurant in Tate Modern is a good spot for lunch if you are hungry.

3. South Bank Bookstands

The secondhand bookstands on the river at Waterloo Bridge is a popular meeting spot for booklovers of all sorts and there are bargains to be found. Next to the bookstands, you find the National Theatre.

4. Victoria Embankment

Visit the Victoria Embankment Gardens by going down the stairs one level just after crossing the Waterloo Bridge. The garden is situated next to the Savoy Hotel. The American bar at the hotel is one of the world’s most famous bars with a lot of history. The bar operates a no-reservations policy and the dress code is smart casual.

5. Somerset House

The Somerset House is a great art centre and meeting point. In the winter the ice rink in the middle of the courtyard is open for skating. The Somerset House is also housing the Courtauld Gallery, an art museum particularly known for its French impressionist paintings. You also find several different venues for eating and drinking.

6. The Devereux

A short walk from Somerset House you have several excellent pubs. Why not try the Deveraux in the small street Deveraux Court? Close to the Deveraux, you see The Royal Courts of Justice and one of the entrances to the Temple area.

7. The Temple Area

As a barrister in England and Wales, you belong to one of the Four Inns of Court. In the Temple Area, the members find libraries, dining facilities and accommodations etc. Here you find the Temple Church which dates back to the 12th century. Check out opening hours, the area and the Church are not open every day to the public.

8. The Temple Tube

Temple tube station (opened in 1870) is located at Victoria Embankment in the City of Westminster and so is The Royal Courts of Justice. The Temple area is located in the City of London.