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The Twickenham Thames Walk

From Richmond to Twickenham along the Thames. Water, Parks and down to Eel Pie Island, once upon a time a hippie community and the best bands on stage.

Time~ 3 hours
StartsRichmond Station
EndsTwickenham Station
HighlightsRichmond Lock, Marble Hill Park, Orleans House, Eel Pie Island

1. Richmond station

Take the tube to Richmond Station (opened in 1846). On the way to Richmond Lock, you pass the place where Richmond Palace was built by Henry VII in the 16th century.

2. Richmond Lock

The Richmond Lock was built in the late 19th century to secure and maintain a navigable depth of water upstreams of Richmond. Before the lock, the Thames at Twickenham and Richmond sometimes were only a little more than a stream running through the mudbanks. Until World War II there was a toll for pedestrians to pass the footbridge.

3. Marble Hill Park

The park surrounds the Marble Hill House, once built for the mistress of King George II in the 18th century.

4. Orleans House

Orleans House has a very special octagon form and is the home of the Richmond Borough Art Collection. Two galleries offer a varied programme at the site and next to the gallery, you find a café.

5. The White Swan

The White Swan pub dates back to the 17th century and is situated on the banks of the Thames. In the summertime, you can sit outside on the terrace or next to the river.

6. York House

The York House Garden is really an exciting garden with all its hidden corners. Today the house serves as the Town Hall of the Borough. In the park, you find the statue complex called the Naked Ladies, consisting of eight Oceanids and a pair of aquatic horses.

7. Eel Pie Island

The Eel Pie island is famous for its music scene and large hippie commune in the `60s. The Who, Rolling Stones and lots of other bands have been playing here. There is a footbridge connecting the island to the mainland. Not far from the Island you find a the Eel Pie Island Museum.

8. Hammertons Ferry

Hammertons ferry will take you to the Ham House on the other side of the shore. Then you can follow the Thames back to Richmond. Check that the ferry service is open, during summertime it normally runs every day.

9. Twickenham Station

From Twickenham Station, you can catch a train and go back to Richmond or all the way to Waterloo station in central London. Or catch the bus back to Richmond from Heath Road not far from Eel Pie Island. The buses run several times every hour.